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Redmag Search/fishing magnets in the EU: GEOTEK CENTER S.R.L. (Terni, Italy),, tel. +39 0744 812752


Search magnet (or fishing magnet) is lathed steel shell with a magnet stuck inside. Both magnet and shell are Zn-coated, to enable work in wet or dirty contitions. The package includes eye bolt (2 for double-sided). Maximal work temperature is 80. Serial products are marked by engraving "Redmag". On our serial products, the pull-out force varies from 120 to 600 kgs. Customized products (with customized dimensions and marking) can be manufactured on request.

Our SEARCH MAGNET sales representative in the EU countries: 
Geotek Center SRL (Terni, Italy), +371 27033686, info@geotekcenter.it

Please contact us concerning any questions about our Search magnets